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American Heart Association CPR for the Health Care Provider Course or Skills Only:     second Tuesday of every month

Complete Level One Hands On Expanded Functions for Dental Assistants & Hygienists :  March 23, 30 & 31  

Radiology Update, Infection Control & Iowa Dental Jurisprudence   : Added Date!  May 31, 2018 (PM) 

We are exploring the possiblity of adding a June 1 morning session. Please let us know if you woulld be interested.

Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course for Dentists & Hygienists:  May 17 & 18, 2018 

Complete Home Study Radiology Course for Assistant Trainees, Remediation or Reinstatements - contact us for more info!

Coming in 2018!   Look for our courses to be available online


Team Member Course Library​

Team Member Course Library​

Infection Control, Jurisprudence & Radiology Update  - Bundles only (for now)

These courses are often scheduled upon request.
Check back for course dates or contact us with interest. Great for custom team meetings, study clubs or extra CEU's with your friends.

Thanks to everyon for your interest in these courses. Currently we have one date with open seats remaining - May 31.  Online registration only please.  Only the three  course bundle will be available until closer to the date.  If you want only one or two classes, please fill out contact us form and let us know your interests.  If you have issues, have a large group or would like to know availability, please email:  or call/text: 515.321.5942Thanks for your interest, support & patience as we've tried to meet demand.  We appreciate the opportunity to be your con ed provider. 

     Iowa Dental Jurisprudence (2 CEU)
      Meets the Iowa Dental Board requirement for dentists, dental                      hygienists, and dental assistants biennium requirement effective                  September1, 2018.        

    Lecture:     1.0 CEU's                  Instructor:     L. Swett or T. Deal 
      Cost:     $20                                     Audience:       All team members

    HIPAA Update

   Meets OSHA annual requirements. Includes updated information from                 2013  Final Rule and 2009 HITECH Act. Common breaches, appropriate             response  and safeguards for protecting patient health information.

      Lecture:    1.0 CEU's                  Instructor:      L. Swett or T. Deal 
      Cost:     $20                                      Audience:       All team members


 Infection Control,   Iowa Dental Jurisprudence     & Radiology Update                      

Meets IDB requirements for team member relicensure.                             
​*1 CEU Jurisprudence course currently pending Iowa Dental Board approval. If not approved by course date, our previously approved 2 CEU course will be subsituted for same cost.

 Seats remain available for May 31 class. If this time/date does not work for you let us know and we will add you to our interest list and let you know when another date is scheduled.

Instructor:    T. Deal/L. Swett

Cost:  Infection Control $20     Jurisprudence  $20      Radiology $35

                All three same day: $65

Audience:  All Team members.      Radiology:  Dental Assistants

 OSHA Update

 Meets OSHA annual requirements. Includes all standards relating to  dentistry (bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, radiology etc.)

  Lecture:     1.5 CEU's               ​      Instructor:      L.Swett or T. Deal

  Cost:      $30   ​                                   Audience:       All team members
  Clinical Applications of Current Dental Technology

   Highlights current dental technologies being intergrated into dental                offices.  Topics include digital impressions, CAD/CAM, lasers, intra-oral          cameras, caries and oral cancer detection. Benefits, contraindications &          protocols.

    Lecture:      2.0 CEU's                    Instructor:     L.Swett or A. Swett

    Cost:      $35                                     Audience:       All team members

    May 11, 2018   (Class Filled - Registration Closed)    
           Infection Control           8:30 am to 9:30 am        1.0 CEU

          Jurisprudence                9:30 am to 10:30 am        1.0 CEU*
          Radiology Update     10:30 am to 12:30 am        2.0 CEU's 

    May 31, 2018       
           Infection Control            5:30 pm to 6:30 pm          1.0 CEU
          Jurisprudence                   6:30 pm to 7:30 pm          1.0 CEU*
          Radiology Update           7:30 pm to 9:30 pm           2.0 CEU's

Registration for May courses will be online only. You will need      to register one team member at a time. If class is full, it will not allow you to register.  ​If you have trouble, please contact us.

There is no single course registration available at this time.

 Motivational Interviewing: Impacting Clinical Outcomes   Through Improved Patient-Provider Communication

 This is a great team building course packed with useful and insightful information. It will make you think about how you have been talking to your patients. Motivational interviewing encourages patients to make informed  decisions  regarding their health care. Can improve patient compliance,  education and  decision making and decrease patient disatisfaction.  

  Lecture & Exercises:         4.0 CEU's                      

  Audience:    All team members  
Instructor:      J. McCarville-Kerber
Course Info for  Radiology Update, Infection Control            & Iowa Dental Jurisprudence

April 13, 2018  3: Rad/Inf. Control/J uris.       REGISTER CLOSED  Class Filled

​​The Young & the Restless: The Child Exam & Prophylaxis Appointment

Focuses on child preventive services from the prenatal appointment through  adolescensce. Includes education topics, parent information & techniques  formore effective dental visits.

Lecture:          2.0 CEU's                         Instructor:     S.  Bauer ​/L. Swett

Cost:    $40 this course only               

Audience:    All team members

May 11 Three Course Bundle   REGISTERATION CLOSED
Class filled

​​May 11, 2016  Infect. Control + Jurisprudence    

May 31, 2018 Three Course Bundle   ​​REGISTER NOW!

Team Member Support Services

Scheduled upon request. Contact us for details. 

Complete, Board Approved Home Radiology Course for Dental Assistants:  On-the-Job Training/Trainee/Reinstatement

Instructor:     Deal/Swett

Audience:       Dental Assistants
 Dental Assistant Licensure Exams: Remediation for Radiology Test Prep for Infection Control and/or Jurisprudence

Instructor:     Deal/Swett

Audience:       Dental Assistants

Job Preparation Services 
Interview coaching, resume writing & career counseling available.

Instructor:     L. Swett

Audience:       All team members

     Other Information

  • A team of instructors teach our courses based on their areas of expertise,  improving your course content.
  • All courses are held at the Impact Dental Training facility.
  • Course instructors,  tuition and schedules are subject to change. Website listings will be up to date and supersede information provided elsewhere.
  • ​Courses may be paid for via Pay Pal or credit cards (through PayPal portal). Other options require prior approval.
  • A $25 processing fee will be applied to all persons requesting a refund for any reason.
  • A $37 charge will be assessed to all returned checks. 

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